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Welcome To the Hub of Official Website (India)

The Official Website is an initiatives to avoid confusion about the origional brand / identity of the business.
We hope that with the help of this platform people can register their official website easily here (at the official website platform which is the only hub of the official website in / of india), so that the other fraud websites with the similliar name can not take advantage of. With this internet users also get benifited so that their precious information can not be stolen in confusion like bank account details etc.
We tried our best to keep only those website registered here which are genuine , correct and belong the origional person , organisation , company. We hope the fishing activity will also be curb at some extend with this initiatives.
It's for social cause only, so it's completly FREE , no fee is being collected from any user in any form. Anybody who is actual owner of his business / company / representative can register their official website here for FREE.
We futher seek your precious support to go ahead in positive direction. Your comments, suggestion will be warmly welcomed at

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